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Getting to and from Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport with babies and kids

1. Use a private car service to or from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Private car service is most comfortable, convenient and secure way to transfer from Belgrade Airport. Collect your luggage and look for the sign with your name on it..... It doesn’t get easier than that. Private car service can provide salon car, mini van.. and have child seats on request. Private car service to or from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport cost 35 euro for salon car or 45 euro for 7 sets mini van.

If you want to arrange in advance private transfer service, contact us by emaill :

Pros: A car service is very convenient and cost only 2 or 3 euro more than taxi..
Cons: You have to book this service 6 hours in advance.
Note:  When visiting Serbia  have some cash with you. Bringing few small Euro notes can be handy for first expenses like taxi, bus ..

When booking our apartments for 10 days and more, transfer from airport is free !

2. Take a taxi

Belgrade taxi service is cheap, but be careful, sometimes taxi drivers heavily overcharge clients. In order to stop this bad practice, the Belgrade Airport has introduced the following mechanism:
On the airport exit there is a Taxi information desk, where you can order taxi with the fixed price. From the airport to the city center the fix price is from 2300 to 3000 dinars (25 Euro). You just have to say the address to the Taxi information desk officer, they will give you a voucher with fixed price and will be going with you right to the first available taxi driver and you are paying that amount when you get to the desired address. Charge per piece of baggage in the boot sometimes is free, sometimes is 100 dinars. Tips is up to you, people often tip 1~2 Euro.

Pros:  The taxi stand is easy to find in the airport.
Cons:  It is very difficult to find a taxi with child seats. When getting from Belgrade city to airport there is no fix rate.
Note:  In the airport exit terminal, avoid ghost cabs (where someone approaches you in the airport, not at the taxi stand, and directs you to their unauthorized vehicle without a meter).

3. Bus service - Mini Bus A1

Near airport exit gate there is bus station for “Mini Bus A1”. Mini bus A1 operate between airport and Slavija Square. Bus stop also in New Belgrade (Fontana stop) and near Belgrade main train station. Tickets can be purchased in the bus and the cost is 300 dinars (3 Euro).

Pros: Bus service is very cheap.
Cons: If you have small children and laguage – taking bus is not good idea.
Note:  Mini Bus A1 service operate 7 days a week from 5 am till 21:30. Bus leaves airport every 60 minutes. On the peak hours (8:00 am – 18 pm) A1 Mini Bus operate more frequently

4. Rent a car

If you stayng in Belgrade city center - don’t rent a car. Driving on one way streets can be intimidating and parking is a nightmare in Belgrade dowtoun. 

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