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How to Get from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the City Center

Transfer Options from Belgrade Airport to the City Center

There are 3 transportation options to get from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG) to the City Center, Taxi, Private Car Transfer and Bus.

  • Private Car Transfer
  • Taxi
  • Public Bus
  • Shared Shuttle Transfer ( temporary unavailable )

Distance from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the city center is about 20 km. The fastest option is taking a car transfer. Trip takes around 30 minutes by car and cost between 20 - 25 Euros. The Cheapest option is the Bus. Tickets for the bus cost 3 € and takes around 60 minutes to reach the city center. When visiting Serbia have some cash with you. Bringing small Euro notes can be handy for first expenses like transfer from the airport.

Option 1 - Private car transfer to or from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Private car service is the most comfortable, convenient and secure way to transfer from Belgrade Airport. Collect your luggage and look for the sign with your name on it.... Options are from Standard Sedan and Minivans to Luxury cars.

Price for private car transfer to or from Belgrade Airport is 25 euro for standard sedans, or 35 euro for 8 sets Minivan, or 50 euro for luxury sedans.

Private Car or Minivan Transfer service is available from Belgrade airport to any destination in Serbia and Surrounding Countries. .

Pros : Fixed price, no nasty surprises or hidden costs (tax and tips included). Child seats on request.
Cons : You have to book this service min 3 hour in advance. A private car service cost 5 euro more than taxi.
Note : For late night airport transfers after 0:30 am up to 6 am, 5 EUR should be added on price.

TO BOOK PRIVATE TRANSFER ... e-mail to : or Text & Call Viber, WhatsApp tel Tel: +381 65 44 88 123

See prices for transport with Car and Minivan for different destinations

    Prices for Car & Minivan


    Mini Van

    BEG Airport to Belgrade city 25 € 35 €
    Belgrade Airport to Novi Sad 70 € 95 €
    Belgrade Airport to Zlatibor 130 € 170 €
    Belgrade Airport to Kopaonik 160 € 190 €
    Belgrade to any city On request On request
    Car with driver for one day 80 € / max 250km 120 €/ max 250km

Option 2 - Taxi from Belgrade Airport

Belgrade taxi service is cheap, but be careful, sometimes taxi drivers heavily overcharge clients. In order to stop this bad practice, the Belgrade Airport has introduced the following mechanism: On the airport exit there is a Taxi information desk, where you can order taxi with the fixed price. You just have to say the address to the Taxi information desk officer, they will give you a voucher with fixed price and will be going with you right to the first available taxi driver.

Fixed price from the airport to the city center is 2200 dinars (20 Euro). Charge per piece of baggage in the boot sometimes is free, sometimes is 100 dinars. Tips is up to you, people often tip 1~2 Euro.

Pros : The taxi stand is easy to find in the airport.
Cons : When getting from Belgrade city to airport there is no fix rate and can be negative surprise. Difficult to find a taxi with child seats
Note : To avoid the unpleasant surprises, my advice is before taking a taxi – ask the taxi driver how much the ride will cost including the baggage. And in the airport exit terminal, avoid ghost cabs (where someone approaches you in the airport, not at the taxi stand, and directs you to their unauthorized vehicle without a meter)

The pictures below shows Taxi Information Desk on Belgrade Airport (Exit on Arival Terminal)


Option 3 - Mini Bus A1 from Belgrade Airport to Belgrade city centre

Near airport exit gate there is bus station for “Mini Bus A1”. Mini bus A1 operate between airport and Slavija Square. Bus stop also in New Belgrade (Fontana stop) and near Belgrade main train station.

Bus cost 300 dinars. (3 Euro). Tickets can be purchased in the bus from the driver. Before taking a bus, exchange your money to serbian dinars as ticket can be bought only in cash and in Serbian dinars.

Pros : Bus service is cheap.
Cons : Slow, problem with large luggage or if you traveling with small childrens, limited hours of operation.
Note : Mini Bus A1 service operate 7 days a week from 5 am till 21:30. Bus leaves airport every 60 minutes. On the peak hours (8:00 am – 18 pm) A1 Mini Bus operate more frequently.

There is also another Public City Bus No. 72. I don't recommend anyone to use it, but if you like adventure you can use Bus No. 72, which goes from airport to bus terminal Zeleni venac in Belgrade center. Departs every 35 minutes and it cost 150 dinars (1.5 euro). Usually ride takes around 50 minutes (depends on traffic jams)..

The pictures below shows Terminal for Mini Bus A1 on Belgrade Airport..


Frequently asked questions about transfers from Belgrade Airport

?We hope we have covered the most of frequently asked questions,  but if your questions have still not been answered, or if you need help for any transfer from Belgrade please feel to contact us. We look forward to help you ...

I arrive late at the Belgrade airport will it be a problem for me to get to the city center?

Transfer to and from Belgrade Airpor operates also in the evening and during the night. Can be a problem with the Mini Bus A1 but, Private Car Transfer and Taxi are available 24/7. It will just cost you litle more ... Just add 5 euro to the regular prices ... When getting from Belgrade city to airoport there is no fix rate for taxi. To avoid being scammed, my advice is before taking a taxi – ask how much the ride will cost.

How to Get from Belgrade Airport to the Novi Sad?

Distance from Belgrade airport to Novi Sad is 80 km. The trip by car takes around 1 hours. Private Transfer by Saloon Car (max 3-4 pasanger) cost from 70 - 120 Euro (Depends of car class). Private Transfer with Mini Van cost 95 Euro (max 7-8 pasanger). The cheapest way to get from Belgrade Airport to Novi Sad is to take train or bus which costs from 5 - 10 euro and it takes around 3 h. But, there is no direct bus or train from Airport. First you have to take local bus from Airoport to Belgrade bus or train station and then take the bus or train from Beograd city to Novi Sad.

How to Get from Belgrade Airport to Kopaonik?

Distance from Belgrade airport to Kopaonik is 290 km. The trip takes around 4 hours, but if the weather is bad it can takes 5 hours or more. Private Transfer by Saloon Car cost 160 Euro (max 3-4 pasanger). Private Transfer with Mini Van cost 190 Euro (max 7-8 pasanger).

How to Get from Belgrade Airport to Zlatibor?

Distance from Belgrade to Zlatibor is 230 km. The trip takes around 3 hours.. Private Transfer by Saloon Car cost 130 Euro (max 3-4 pasanger). Private Transfer with Mini Van cost 170 Euro (max 7-8 pasanger).

Does Uber work in Belgrade and Serbia?

Uber is not available in Belgrade and Serbia, although there are some alternative options. Budget limo companies offer better rate for long distance ride than taxi.

ATM and Money Echange at the Belgrade Airport. How to get dinars to pay for transport?

Exchange offices and ATMs working 24/7 at Belgrade Airport. When entering the country have some cash with you. My advice is bring few small Euro notes. It can be handy, especially if you coming by night. There is no need to rush with converting larger amounts of money immediately upon your arrival, at the airport. Exchange rates are always better in exchange offices in the city center.

Do taxis in Belgrade, Serbia accept credit cards ?

Unfortunately most of the taxi drivers in Belgrade dont have credit card machines. Cash is the ‘universal language in Serbia’ and it is very convenient to have some small Euro notes or Serbian Dinars in your pocket to pay for a cab, grab a bite to eat and generally when paying small bills.

Is there a door-to-door bus or shuttle service from Belgrade Airport to city center?

At the moment Shuttle service is forbidden in Belgrade and we are not sure when it will be starting to operate again.

How do I get from Belgrade airport to the city bus station?

Airport Mini Bus A1 – is the cheapest way (3 euro) to travel between the airport and the Belgrae city bus station. You should hop off at the old train station where the Mini Bus A1 regularly stops. More convenient is private transfer or taxi especially If you have a lot of luggage, it can be a hassle to use the airport bus.

How do I get from Belgrade airport to the city train station?

There is confusion about train stations in Belgrade as city has 3 different railway stations … First ..... Old Belgrade Railway station has been closed, permanently in july 2018 (nicknamed as „Belgrade Main railway station“ ).... Second ... New Train Staion called "Belgrade Centar" or „Belgrade Center railway station“ (nicknamed as "Prokop“) ... Third .. Topčider railway station.

To get to "Prokop“ or "Topčider" use Private Car Transfer or Taxi (from airport TAXI INFO desk). All other options i do not recommend ....

Renting a MiniVan, Minibus or Bus with driver at Belgrade Airport?

if you are a large group arriving to the airport, you might consider renting a bus prior to your arrival. Airport to Belgrade city transfers with Minivan ( 8 seater ) cost 30 euro for one direction. With 19 Seater Minibus price is 60 euro. Price for bus is from 100 - 150 euro

Renting a car at Belgrade Airport?

In exit terminal at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport you can find Car Rental Agencies. (international and local companies). Renting a car is quiet simple and not expensive. Car can be delivered to your hotel or picked at the airport Nikola Tesla. You will need a credit card for a deposit, which is generaly about 200-300 eur. Car rental prices start from 20 – 30 euro per day with all taxes included. - Note !!! - If you staing in Belgrade ciy center - don’t rent a car. Driving on one way streets can be intimidating and parking is a nightmare in Belgrade dowtoun.

To book any Transfer from Belgrade Airport ... e-mail to : or Text & Call Viber, WhatsApp tel Tel: +381 65 44 88 123

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